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January 25, 2009

Build It Yourself - DIY beekeeping plans and information

Tired of the same old beehive plans? You have found the largest selection of DIY beekeeping plans, feeders, frames and beekeeping equipment on the web. Most beehive parts can be built with simple hand tools, local materials and the plans below. If you have a suggestion let us know. Is there a section you would like to see? Sections below are:
  1. Beehive plans and Beekeeping equipment plans
  2. "A picture is worth a thousand words"
  3. Videos
  4. Misc.
National Hive mesh floor
Tools for queen cultivation (Swedish)
Langstroth Drawer Bottom (German Deep)
Robber Screen
Moisture Absorbing or Insulating Quilt
Insulated Moisture Quilt
Swarm Box plan
Swarm Trap #2
5 Frame Nuc plan
Bee Lining Box plan
SHB Trap plan
SHB Trap #4
SHB Trap #5
SHB Trap #6
SHB Trap for Top Bar Hives
SHB screen for stingless bees
SHB Trap/Killer

Langstroth and Modified Dadant
Cell Door
Imire Shim (auto cad) plan
Mill Your Own Frames
Electric Wire Embedder
Mono block clay hive for Apis Cerana
  1. Inner cover jar feeder #1
  2. Bucket feeder
  3. Hive checklist (doc)
  4. Top feeder floats
  5. Cutting side finger lifts
  6. Vented inner cover
  7. Bee water feeder
  8. Drone frames1 - Drone frame2
  9. Frame assembly jig
  10. Frame Rack
  11. OA vaporizer
  12. Straw Hive
  13. Three season inner cover
  14. Entrance cover
  15. Bee House w/shop
  16. Hive Trolley System
  17. Honey Press
  18. Nicot or Jenter Queen Rearing frame
  19. Observation inner cover
  20. Horsley Board #1
  21. Horsley Board #2
  22. Morris Board
Video on foundation

Bee Hive Cut Out Frame

http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1228061/kill_ant_beds_4_good/Pesticide Free Fire Ant Kill 

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