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February 3, 2009

Menthol Shop Towel for Tracheal Mites

Treatment for Tracheal Mites

The “Menthol Shop Towel” Method:

Combine one (1) pound of menthol crystals in one (1) pint canola oil. Heat and stir in metal coffee can until crystals are dissolved. (Do this outside your home). Wear gloves. Cut a roll of paper shop towels in half to make two short cylinders out of one long cylinder. This recipe uses only one of the halves. Immerse one end of one half in the liquid. Then turn it over and immerse the other end so that all the liquid is soaked up. Double bag the resulting wet roll in zip-lock plastic bags and keep it in the freezer. To treat, tear off a section and place it on top of the frames of the brood nest. Wait about 12 days and repeat, for a total of two treatments.