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January 9, 2010

Langstroth "Original"

Langstroth's original hive was designed for Comb Honey production as seen in this photo. Langstroth offered this hive for sale without glass sides for $5 and with glass sides for $12 (each with a license). In some photos the porch is not shown. It's interesting to note that even Langstroth seriously considered changing his frame to a deeper one. On this subject he wrote in a letter to A. I. Root on April 4, 1872, as follows: "Dear Friend: I hope you will try the 12"xl2" but I have years ago tried such frames and do not like them—too much cost to make and handle, etc. I think the hive 14"xl4"xl3" deep much better and shall probably adopt the shape, as the honey emptier (note Honey Extractor) and side boxes make it no longer desirable to have a shallow hive." The next day, April 5th, he wrote, "You will see from my last that I propose to change the dimensions of my frame. Perhaps there will not be much choice between the hive 14"xl4"xl3" and 12"xl2"xl2" but I prefer ten frames to twelve." (Gleanings in Bee Culture Vol. 2, p. 38.)

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