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January 8, 2010

National Hive

The National Hive shown here with a gable top w/bee escape is widely used in the UK. Single wall. Plans available in the DIY section.  See also the suggested changes to this design.

National Beehive Dimensions and statistics
External dimension - 18 1/8" square - 460mm
Brood body depth - 8 7/8" - 225mm
14” x 12” brood body depth - 12 ½" - 318mm
Super depth - 5 7/8" - 150mm
The brood area is 2200 sq. ins.
No. of worker cells 50,000 National, 14x12 = 72,000
Bottom Bee Space

Frames sizes Top Bars – 17” long Bottom bars – 14” long Deep side bars – 8 ½” long 14” x12” side bars – 12” long Shallow side bars – 5 ½” long Foundation sizes Deep – 13 7/16” x 8” 14 x 12” – 13 7/16” x 11 ½” Shallow – 13 7/16” x 5” 
How many frames in each box: 11 Hoffman (self-spacing) frames in either a brood body or super. Although it is possible to fit in 12 frames, it is easier for manipulation to use 11 frames and a dummy board. 11 frames on narrow ends in the brood body 10 Manley frames in the super 9 or 10 frames on castellated spacers in the super 8 frames on wide ends in the super.

A ‘national’ beehive, sometimes also referred to as a ‘standard national’, has a brood box measuring 460mm x 460mm x 225mm externally. So does a ‘modified national’. The only difference between the two is that a ‘standard national’ has a double-thickness wall on two sides (the sides that carry the frames). The ‘modified national’ has L-shaped rails top and bottom, connected to the side walls (see photo above). The top rail carries the frames. The bottom rail extends outwards to line up with the floor. As a consequence the ‘modified national’ can be made with four walls of uniform thickness. 

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