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January 22, 2009

Queen Candy, Making

Queen candy (QC) can be used to plug queen cages for shipment/storage and can also be used as a quick emergency food. QC is made from honey and powdered sugar. Let's start. You will need:

1 cup honey
2 lbs of powdered sugar
microwave safe mixing bowl
spoon for mixing
a plastic shopping bag
a microwave oven
Pour the powdered sugar in the mixing bowl. Heat slightly in microwave, a few seconds at a time. Check with your finger. Not HOT, just warm.
Make a well in the sugar. Heat the honey in the microwave till warm, do not boil or overheat. Pour warmed honey into sugar well (photo is of half batch). Mix with spoon till well mixed and then knead candy for a couple of minutes (this takes some effort)(warm in microwave if it gets to cold).
Remove ball of candy and place on plastic shopping bag. Let set for about an hour. Knead candy again a few times. Wrap ball of candy in plastic bag. Use as needed. If you use this in a hot climate, do not place over cluster as it might sag or drip on the bees, place on inner cover or in a container. In cold climate or winter you can place above cluster. See the photos. In the last photo there are three balls of candy, one to much honey (flat and sticky), one good for quick food and the big one, good for everything (photo is after 2 hours on counter).

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