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February 22, 2009

Bee feeders

I am often asked which feeder is better. The answer is the one based upon your location and number of hives.
Feeders can be seperated into two groups: Those that are made part of the hive as in top feeders, broadman feeders and frame feeders, and the other group that are deployed away from the hive such as drum feeders, trough feeders, chicken feeders and so on.
If you have more than one hive you should always be mindful of robbing. Otherwise, it is of little concern for the average one hive beekeeper. External feeders are a fun way to watch your bees. Inside or attached feeders give piece of mind and generally create less problems overall. Many attached feeders can hold large amounts of syrup and/or solid foods.
There are multiple feeders you can build or make yourself in our DIY section.
Here is how to make a 5 gallon bee feeder.

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