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February 21, 2012

Small Hive Beetle Larva Identification

SHB larva Top - Wax Moth Below
Here is a clear picture to use to ID your pests.  I've seen a lot of pictures but most were so small or from such a great distance to be useless.  The SHB larva has spines and 6 legs (3 pairs).  The leg thing can fool you, as both have legs, but different locations and numbers. Also there always seems to be more legs than 6, you can see this in the photo above, right after the last pair of legs from the head, but technically those are not legs.  The size thing is another issue.  They can vary in length by age.  Don't go by that. The colors are close to the same also.

Here is what I suggest you look for:
  1. Spines - Only the SHB has them.
  2. Beetle like head - Wax moth does not have this.
  3. Many many larva - Wax moths usually only number a few per frame at most times.
  4. Silk - SHBs do not spin silk.
  5. Visible SHB adults present
  6. Last compare the photo to your suspect.
My last advice is simply, when in doubt, treat for them. See the DIY section for traps and other SHB tips on the site. If you have something that works or some insight please post a comment.

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