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March 18, 2012

SHB Small Hive Beetle Trap Types

What kinds of Small Hive Beetle traps are available?
Below are some of the common traps for SHB's you most often read about.  There are traps you can make your self on this site as well.  Regardless of the type you purchase or make, the best approach is to use at least two types at a time.  This way you can see what works best for you.

If you use baits or lures, switch them also before deciding the trap design is bad.  Sometimes the smallest change can turn failure into success.  Some traps while listed as disposalable can be reused.  I strongly recommended that you use both an upper and a lower trap to increase your chances.  The reason is simply that we have all seen the beetles when opening the hive top.  We have also seen the bottom traps are effective, so why not use these locations to your advantage.

In no special order:

Beetle Jail

Hood Trap on a drone frame

AJ's Beetle Eater
West Beetle Trap

Georgia SHB Trap

Beetle Blaster
Beetle Blaster side view
DE Beetle Trap

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