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May 24, 2015

Government acts to help honeybees and Pollinators

A few years ago I explored the use of Federal land for beekeeping. It was a success, but was a bit of a hassle.  The government may make more land available. It is worth a shot, you might be surprised, but hey don't get greedy and try to tank or block others.

It's not a new or a "brilliant" idea. Since this site often deals with good ideas long forgotten,

Beekeeping on federal land in fact it was at one time common practice under Land Management in the late 1800 and early 1900's. Like many things, a few people made trouble, the government got no money out of it and it passed from time. Just like the original "fake honey" cries that lead to laws against adulterated food. Who won that for all? BEEKEEPERS! But tell that to KFC or Popeye's next time you squeeze some "honey sauce" on your biscuits. Yea, that's right, fake honey, I don't eat it or support it.

Hey it only took a few years for them to act. Maybe when they saw all the flowers in Washington had no bees, maybe some bean counter finally put it together. Duh! What happened? Did the Obama hive crash? Were your bees giving Varrora a piggy back ride?

So, how much land are we talking about just on the "land" side?

All that aside, we thank you and your staff for the help.

Here's the link to the main story.

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