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May 31, 2010

Bulk bee feeder and/or bee waterer

It seems that high volume feeders or waterers for bees are just not available or they drown more bees than they feed.  At the request of some visitors I started searching for a homemade waterer or feeder for honeybees.

This DIY bee feeder can be used to supply a large volume of water to your bees in areas where water is hard to come by.  Today we can use five gallon buckets instead of the metal can as pictured.  I found this old design that I think many readers will like it, the one pictured is about two feet long and refills itself as the water level drops. You could even add a second container to double the water available.

You can also use chicken water feeders, bird baths, "trickle or drip" down bottles and many more items.  There is a "Sugar water feeder w/rocks" featured in our DIY section for a quick idea.  Automatic dog waters (pictured here) can also be used, I've even seen a toilet tank valve set used along the same idea. On the low tech side, a water hose with a "leaking" cap on the end provides a constant supply of water too.

Many readers may not be aware that bees use water to cool their hives.  As summer begins to heat up, keep plenty of water around to aid against swarming and to boost your bee population.  To see more types of feeders, one from from an old orange juice container click HERE.

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